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KG Curriculum

Following American curriculum allows our children to be gently exposed to the foreign language, expands their knowledge of new vocabulary and strengthens their conversation skills.

Learning to read is a skill that needs strong basis. We are proudly teaching our kg3 students the basics of this skill as it will help them master it in the years to come. Learning consonants, short vowels, long vowels, blends, diagraphs and more are very significant and carefully taught at our school.

The American math curriculum combines the knowledge of numbers, simple operations and learning important mathematical concepts.

Arabic language is considered a crucial part of our teachings as it forms learning the basics of the native language in an early age. Students learn Arabic on a daily basis which include a combination of writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. This guarantees a sold knowledge for years to come. Islamic goes a long with our curriculum as it emphasizes on Islamic behaviors/manners of a good Muslim as well as the teachings of the holy book “Quran”

French is a third language kg students are exposed to in kg 2 and kg3 level, which gives a quick glance at it as a new language.

We also offer our students two periods of Physical Education every week, which help them build some fine motor skills.

Getting to know the computer and its parts will help students cope with the fast technology.

Our art projects are always related to what we teach our kg students which emphasizes the learning process.